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Monday, July 20, 2015

The Basics Of Successful Weight Loss

The Basics Of Successful Weight Loss

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To lose weight successfully, you have to do the following: eat less, move around more, and stay motivated. Pretty straightforward and simple right? Absolutely. On paper, the ingredients to a successful weight loss program are very basic. In fact, it is almost mathematical. How?

The basics of weight loss

When you eat less, your body continues to burn calories. It has to find calories to offset the calories you've burned. It finds these calories in your stored fat and muscle tissues. When it burns fat or tissue, you start weighing less. Alternatively, you can eat the same amount of calories, but you can increase the rate in which you burn calories. In other words, you can exercise or you can walk around more or walk longer distances. Even though you are getting the same amount of calories as before, your body still experiences a net negative calorie intake because you are burning calories due to exercise. Again, your body will try to offset the calories you lost by burning fat or tissues. This leads to weight loss. Everything clear so far?

Staying motivated is the most important part

Everything I have explained is pretty straightforward. Simple, really. Now, comes the hardest part. You have to stay motivated. In other words, you have to stick with the process. If the method you chose to lose weight involves cutting down on calories, you need to find the motivation to continue doing that. If you chose to lose weight by exercising more, you need to find a way to keep motivated. This means going to the gym-especially if you don't feel like working out. Make no mistake about it, keeping motivated is the most important part of successful weight loss.

The truth is weight loss is so simple that regardless of the diet, you try, you are bound to enjoy some weight loss. You can lose some pounds here and there. In fact, with more extreme diets, you can lose quite a bit of weight. However, just when you thought you have burned off all that fat permanently, you get off your weight loss plan and you start packing on the pounds again. Worst of all, if you are like most dieters, you pack on even more weight than when you began your diet! What happened?

You have to get your mindset on board

The big problem with most weight loss programs is that they skip the most important part of the weight loss equation-motivation. They don't have a clear and coherent mental component. This absence is the Achilles Heel of so many weight loss programs and diets. The good news is that you can supply your own mental element. You can meditate. You can use daily affirmations. You can look at your weight loss journal and see the progress you have made. Whatever you do, you need to include in your daily ritual an action that reminds you of why you're trying to lose weight and why you need to keep going.

Effective weight loss is, ultimately, all in your mind. You have to want it bad enough. You have to stick to it. You have to do whatever it takes for however long to achieve success. Motivation is the key. By focusing on this part of the weight loss equation, you are setting yourself up for optimal weight loss success.
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