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Monday, July 20, 2015

Why You Should Visit Your Doctor Before You Start Your Weight Loss Program

If you're reading this, you're probably excited about a new weight loss program or diet you've read about online or gotten word of through TV or social media. You might have your eye on a particular food supplement that can help you melt away the pounds. Whenever you are about to go on a regimen or program that will impact your health, it is always a good idea to make sure you tell your doctor first. In fact, the best approach, if you truly are serious about losing weight for the long haul, is to make sure your doctor is always in the loop regarding your weight loss plans. Here are just some of the reasons why you should pay your physician a visit before starting on a new diet or trying new supplements or going on a new exercise regimen.
doctor can guide you to realistic expectations

Your doctor knows your health issues

If there is anyone person who knows your body, your body's limits, and your health issues, it is your doctor. By checking in with your doctor before diving in head first into a new weight loss program, you might be avoiding potentially dangerous weight loss programs. Let's face it, there are only three ways to lose weight-eat less, move around more, or do both. When you do any of these, it has an impact on your body as a whole and there might be complications for your overall health. Your doctor would know your health issues and can give you the inside scoop on how your diet, exercise, or supplement program might impact these health issues. Instead of being a buzzkill, going to your doctor can open your mind to safer alternatives.

Your doctor knows how healthy weight loss works

Normally, people go to doctors for second opinions regarding diagnoses or other serious findings. Well, when you go to your primary care physician regarding your exercise, supplement, or diet plans, you are effectively going in to get a second opinion. Make no mistake about it-a lot of seemingly brilliant weight loss ideas might look good on paper, but they might not actually pan out in practice. Worse, they might impact your health in a very negative way. When you visit your doctor before you start on that weight loss program you're so excited about, you are given the opportunity to get a second opinion on your weight loss plans. This can save you not only time and money, but possible hospital bills and potential future health stress.

Your doctor can guide you to realistic expectations

Let's face it-weight loss can be very stressful. It really can be. First, you get really excited about this "new and improved" or "revolutionary" way to lose weight. You try it and then you get disappointed. Undaunted, you try another product then another diet. And so on and son. This can all weigh on your nerves, focus, and discipline. This can also make you feel really frustrated. When you check in with your doctor before going on another weight loss program, your doctor can do you a very big favor-he or she can help manage your expectations. This can make the whole process a lot less stressful.

Don't think that your doctor is being critical if he or she gives you less than exciting news about that hot new weight loss plan you're thinking of going on. Consider this a big favor. By making sure you don't waste your time and focusing squarely on your health, your doctor can steer you towards weight loss plans that actually work and away from those that waste your time, money, and worst of all, emotional energy.

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