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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Getting Ready: Simple Weight Loss and Fitness Manual

Getting Ready: Simple Weight Loss and Fitness Manual

Simple Weight Loss and Fitness Manual

Step 1: Be Motivated
As humans, we work better when we have something or a target to meet up with, in the same way when it comes to embarking on a weight loss. We need to have a proper motivation else, we will stop without achieving much. When it comes to weight loss there are things one can consider doing to help them achieve better result and will also stand as a motivator.

  • i. Have a partner -
  • ii. Employ a personal weight loss instructor -
  • iii. Have a bet that will cost you a lot -
  • iv. Buy a very expensive cloth and work towards fitting into it

Step 2: Cautiously decide

Just like every other activity, you have to put your heart, mind, and soul into it. Cautiously make the decision of losing weight, and then let your mind and everything be tuned to it. Just as when you have exams or test coming up and you can’t sleep. Put your weight loss decision that way, this is not to say you should get worried about it but be fully aware of it. This way you achieve your goal faster.

Step 3: Have a clear goal

Set a goal for yourself on what you wish to achieve and a time frame to achieve this goal. Please be realistic with your goal setting, don’t be a 120kg and expect to come down to 60kg in one week, which is being unrealistic. Set a clear realistic and achievable goal and give yourself a good time frame to achieve your goal. You can start by having a 30days plan and see how much weight loss and then based on that set a proper time frame to achieve your goal.

For example, you can set a 5kg loss in 30days and try to achieve it and then use that to set as your goal, then you can set a proper time frame to achieve your goal.

Step 4: What are you eating

This is a very important step. Remember when you visit your doctor for treatment the first step the doctor takes is to examine and find out exactly what is wrong before administering any treatment. See this step as your self-examination step and you being the doctor.

Take a week to monitor what you eat and write them down in a diary. Please don’t try to avoid or skip anything, even if it is the smallest snacks you eat please write it down. After one week take time to go through the list and take time to study what you have been eating and the amount of calories you have been taking in (the higher calories intake means more weight). With this you will know things to avoid in your meal, losing weight means you will need to eat differently and avoid some things you normally eat.

Step 5: Do not skip your meal

Most people think when you starve yourself and eat once a day you are watching your weight. You might see result; of course you are not eating. But you are endangering yourself to so many risks that come with malnourishment. During your weight loss program eat your complete meal and do not skip any meal, not even your breakfast. The thing is when you skip breakfast you tend to eat more for lunch to cover for the morning and this is bad. Instead eat something light in the morning and keep yourself satisfied.

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